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Shipping & Returns

Please note that each order is made to order​ which means they are unique to each order. All orders are final sales and cannot be returned. We stand behind handmade goods that are thoroughly inspected for assured customer satisfaction. 

General Return policy

All sales are final and cannot be returned or exchange unless there was an error on our part (ie. not what you ordered). All other exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis by our team members at our discretion. If for any reasons we offer a refund, any materialized donations, shipping, or other costs (ie. customs, fuel surchange) is non-refundable.

To avoid conflict, please carefully and kindly consider before making a purchase.

Shipping times & other info

Domestic shipping in Canada ranges from 2-14 business days 
BC wide shipping is usually delivered within 7 days.
US shipping ranges from 2 - 21 days with potential delays.
International shipping may take up to 8 weeks.

Please note that when purchasing internationally, custom fees may be applied upon arrival. We are not responsible for any duty/import/taxes/customs/etc, charges you may incur.


Track your parcel

Wrong address, unclaimed parcels & Lost parcels

Once an order is shipped, we CANNOT alter any orders or replace any lost or stolen parcels.
Please contact the courier for the respective details to report lost or stolen properties. If the courier refuses, we will launch an investigation with the courier to determine if it has been delivered. Any form of mail fraud will be reported and charges will be pressed. 

Mail that is not picked up at your local post office are disposed of after it is returned to our courier's facility. We are not responsible for notifying the arrival of the parcel, so please check the tracking code provided in the shipping confirmation frequently as all information will be there, including when and where to pickup.

We ship orders based on the address provided by you at checkout, please be sure to double check before checking out. 

All other claims will require a police report with identification number and investigator name.

shipping couriers

Please click the respective courier and enter your shipping ID.
Majority of our shipments are processed through Stallion Express and should be the first place to look.
A shipping/tracking ID will be sent to you via email after it's been shipped. Please check your inbox and spam folder for the most up to date links.

For Stallion Express shipments:
For USPS shipments:
For Canada Post shipments:
For UPS shipments:
For APC shipments:

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