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Care guide & info

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Washing instructions

Please follow all of the washing instructions above to have long lasting embroidery/vinyl prints. If one of the steps are not followed, this may cause damage to the garment. User-error will not be compensated. Vinyl/prints are extremely delicate, please wash it with care. 


After wash, air-dry garments if possible. Do not machine dry printed/vinyl garments. It is the best way to avoid shrinkage and damaging the garments.

Although air-drying is recommended, tumble dry is a feasible alternative for embroidered clothing! Just be sure to use low to medium heat under normal lengths to avoid any excessive shrinkage.

Other product information

Our products are all made in-house and to order. We utilize Gildan garments as our primary source of clothing. However, some of our beige crewnecks, in particular are branded H&M, which are of higher quality than Gildan as there are limited sizes available in Canada. Alternative brands can be embroidered on per request. Thread materials ranges from polyester, rayon, and cotton depending on design. All garments are true to size and unisex. If you have a specific brand of garments you would like, please contact us in advance.

Customizations on all products are available. Contact us today!

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